Tuesday, February 12, 2008


some photos (give me a day to figure out this computer and how to upload my photos properly, sorry for the inconvenience!) of life here on whidbey...jazz and i get to spend alot of time together, we have become quite the item! she loves the beach, and the beach loves her back. lots of stuff/flotsam for her to investigate, smells and birds to chase. speaking of birds, i have seen the bald eagles and the red tailed hawks and have walked beside them along a bluff while they are hang gliding in the winds, but today i finally saw a pilated wood pecker with the red hed and white necklace and white under belly...forgot how big they are!

this is jazz looking sheepishly after a beach walk...i do not know what she got into, but you can see the remnants of something dried on her fur.

the small simple cabin i am living in at the moment

walking along the beach at low tide, you can hear the water being sucked out to sea...literally through the sand and the rocks. you probably can go out about a 1/2 mile.

and now we are starting into the paintings...better photos in the next couple of days...they are still transforming as we speak.

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