Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ahhh...this one has already shifted, juxtaposed and become a vertical and more or less robust colors and writings and is wet as hell in this atmosphere or cloudiness. good to work on it last nightness things rustling in the bush, and me wanting a bigger/drier/warmer studio. laid the canvass flat to stop the dripping, thicker/richer paint moving on the canvass pushing and pulling. painting. conversing with myself and dreaming in line and shape and color. words spoken activate images in my mind, leaving imprints on my retina. patinaed living. emotions translate to images burned in the emulsion of my heart...negatives of the day, waiting to be printed by my hand. recordings of a living moment. words on canvas, confusing memories layered like thick snow on my skin...compressed sediments travel through the veins, clogging the immediate moment, flooding those around me with my waters.

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