Thursday, June 12, 2008

LIFE BOAT series

born out of all the rain/wetness that has been visiting us as of late...sloppy emotionalism splattered on the canvas. feeling like drawing more, use to do this on paper but taking it a bit larger and bringing it to the plaster on board. can see the roots of this piece in some of my paper work (ref: interior A/interior B/interior C/ interior D) which were done as sectional work as opposed to the plan like quality of my landscape investigations. the sectional interior work concentrates more on the lucid emotional body, the unspoken interior energy we all keep within our boats also refer back to an instructor i had in art school by the name of patricia renick (university of cincinnati) she investigated boats and i do believe called them life boats, which brings up duality of a vessel to hold(people)/embrace-[Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French embracer, from en- + brace:pair of arms]/include as opposed to keeping out (water)/omit/prevent/ostracize-[Etymology: Greek ostrakizein to banish by voting with potsherds, from ostrakon shell, potsherd]...funny, i would use potsherds/broken shells to describe the discombobulation of "cell conversation"

Main Entry: os·tra·con
Pronunciation: \ˈäs-trə-ˌkän\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural os·tra·ca \-trə-kə\
Etymology: Greek ostrakon potsherd, shell — more at oyster
Date: 1883
: a fragment (as of pottery) containing an inscription —usually used in plural

hmmm, so they would inscribe/write/record information on these sherds kind of like inscribing on as an act of painting/recording daily life...

it rained alot here in the pacific northwest...keep that in mind inregards to the subtitle.

"my life boat is rudderless"

LIFE BOAT detail I


this is a series of drawings i did about a year ago but seemed relevant in regards to the lifeboat series....

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