Friday, August 14, 2009

listening to eternity

funny how this world works...listening to a favorite Bruce Cockburn
thinking about eternity
some kind of ecstasty got a hold on me
and i was listening to that same song when i picked up the rock in the photo...all the fossils were red in the rocks we sat on for breakfast one morning while rafting down the colorado river thru utah canyonlands. and the essence of the fossils, how they formed in this rock inspired parts of this painting. fossilizing my day while painting, making choices, discarding remnants, layers built on top of others, parts worn away, just as parts of our souls are worn away by the mundaneness of everyday life...i sit in amazement as i listen to people at work give recognition to people able to tolerate the wearing down of their being. shake my head, glazing eyesight, shedding skin, schucking toxic moments left in the air, embracing fertile dreams and memories...rubbing them on my body let them role down the curve of my back like sweat dripping in my eyes and stinging my senses alive. aspirating transparent living energy, leaving them as salty ripples caught in the enfolding years of my life...i giggle as i lick off the morning dew of this expanding moment.

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