Wednesday, September 12, 2007

which way

typical of illinois, i spent much time looking at a map while riding...lots of turns. sort of reflective of a living process when there are alot of questions and decisions being made in ones life. pondering along the roads. north or south at this junction, and told it was time to turn, time to make a decision. just came through momence, illinios, weather is calming down a bit, not as hot nor humid as it has been and i am able to put mileage in. but...big, big storms out there. the sky looks pretty tame here, not giving any hint of what was to come in a few hours.

no one to ask directions from...just me and the land. not feeling lonely, but feeling all alone...very powerful. reading the map and applying it to what is in front of me.

probably the most decieving photo of this trip...a front moving in, looks docile at this moment and only a couple of hours after the earlier directional photo. but this cloud front brought straight line winds of 60-70 miles an hour and knocked down trees like bowling pins....

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