Monday, August 27, 2007

flats of ohio

so i realize i have not posted for about a week...lots of rain/weather delaying and exhibition of patience on my part...decisions like, is it going to storm and how bad and am i going to need shelter? beyond the simple question of is it going to rain. computer access has been a bit limited which does not make blogging easy. so where am i???? i stayed a bit further north than i thought i would in bowling green, ohio, mainly because of flooding near findlay. i have seen a lot of water where it should not be...........maybe better put where we do not want it(the water) to be. yesterday was the first sunny day in over a week, pure unadultered joy to be on the bike riding through the fields of corn. really simple landscape...flat with wide open skies. spin some, stop for water, spin some more, stop for ice cream, spin some more, was that an eagle flying over me? spin some more, car passing me, spin along a swollen river,...all the waters are muddy with the earth that they are washing away. and bowling green is a nice suprise, not been here since the 80's and it has a good feel to it...midwestern college town, all the kids are back in school this week, lots of energy/activity without the big city feel. was hoping to ride along the lake for a while, but choosing to stay a bit south of cleveland and circle around the eastern suburbs...i will be done tuesday afternoon sometime, final landing spot will be mentor headlands so i can dip my wheel in the lake.

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