Monday, August 6, 2007

flat lining

out of the mountains and into the flatness of wyoming...i can see one more ridge/pass, and then nothing but nebraska. for a while. no photos at this time, no download ability and the weather has not been exactly photo opportunic, though i have to say that is a positive thing when it comes to riding. cooler days and some cloud cover, sky opened up a bit outside of walden, co and a torrential downpour forced me to camp out in an inn with a bunch of motorcyclists on their way to sturgis. jack daniels was involved in the conversations that evening, to know ones suprise...did not realize that in between dotsero and walden there are no stores and no restaurants, though i did find water at campgrounds, which is good. spent saturday night on top of gore pass sleeping under the stars and a very big pine tree. i did find myself laughing at myself when i realized why i was climbing a pass that i never noticed on my route...i use topo maps with 300' contour lines to pick my route out of colorado. i am used to working with site maps for residential sites, topos are normally 2' or 5'...needless to say, my scale was a little askew, and i found myself climbing this 2.5 mile long pass where i thought it was going to be river grade uphill. oh well, a couple of guys offered to give me a ride to the top, i declined.
so i feel strong and well on my way with the mountains behind me...a little ahead of schedule, probably still a bit of that getting started high energy thing going on, which is not bad to say the least...


aroze said...

i love the 'tractor lines' image. the colors and textures, simply gorgeous. more to come

aroze said...

sitting at the patio table, feeling the heat in the shade of the patio, viewing your images, sounds of the circular saw and hammering from stephen's garage. making progress. talk of an urban bike ride to tattered cover and a couple of stephen's projects.

it's interesting how your body is reacting to the stress of energy output, extreme use, keeep it in check, glad to hear you were taking a day off. love your blog. looking forward to seeing nebraska, i'm sure you'll find some visual delights. be strong, be safe.