Tuesday, August 14, 2007


so it is really hot and humid and my patience is being tested...i get up at 5:00 am and ride till about noon...depending on where i am at so i can find an air conditioned restaurant or library or something. then hang out till about 6:00 pm or so and try to put some mileage in before it gets too dark. towns are closer together, more people...more importantly, more cars...lots more cars.
so i am picking and choosing my route...a little different approach than the past week where the miles were just simply laid out in front of me and my concern was water/lightning/food/jack daniels...the heat is wearing on me to say the least.
50 miles yesterday to york, ne...small farming town that is slowly closing down.
this morning was 65 miles to lincoln, ne, the capitol. cars, and more cars along with the heat of the city. want to be in iowa to sleep tonight...we will see.
i am less than 1000 miles from cleveland now and hoping to be there two weeks from today, that would make it the 28th i think...my margin of error is getting smaller by the degree.


Zal said...

you truly are an artist- i am amazed at the way you see, process and describe that which is around you and inside your head. - we are so very different...i am so grateful to be part of your journey...

Tepi said...

hey Barb,

how can possibly drink enough to stay hydrated in this heat?

beware the children of the corn in Iowa.