Thursday, August 2, 2007

more art

so a big change for me this past year was to finally get a studio out of my house/living arrangements...i am in a old chain saw repair shop with about 8 other artitsts of different mediums. we all have our own studio and are collectively known as the SAW shop artists. last week we brought a model in to do some figure drawing...the first image is by stanley bell, i liked how the figure moves across the page, so i gave him first post.

the rest are my drawings of the figure, relaxing to work with the figure...leave the landscapes behind. better yet, a bunch of artists getting together to draw is a good thing.

1 comment:

Misko said...

Hello Barbara!
Well done!
You deserve medal for bravery or stupidity, to undertake trip like this.
Keep going you are almost there.
Your father cousin from Australia Misko!!!