Thursday, August 2, 2007

almost there....

so i am kind of anxious, in a good sort of way...just want to start riding my bike, now. took my last ride this morning over prince creek, mt. sopris is sitting beside me once i get high enough on the saddle, reflecting the sunrise on me as i am sweating because it is so humid...more preparation for those hazzy midwest sunrises i will be seeing in a couple of weeks. that bike is my travel partner for the next three weeks, the trailer will be semi-full of things i think i will need. want. need. both.
one of the things about packing for this trip, you start to remember the difference between want and need...and put it to the test in real life, without harm. i know i will be at the post office in laramie, wyoming next week, sending a package of things i "thought i needed", but had realized that i had only wanted them. okay, stop.
took the photo this evening, just out of the shower trying to cool off from the heat of the day...note to self, hair cut before i leave, soon. the necklace is from my friends alison and stephen, they
wanted to make sure i was well dressed during my only concern, is it edible in extreme circumstances?
no more riding before saturday morning...

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