Wednesday, August 8, 2007

turning east

thought i would start this off with an email reply of mine from this morning, responding to the following FAQ:
"seen any jackalopes?"

nooo. but i did see this bear/road kill just outside of burns, colorado. sad to say the least.

"where are you"

i am in torrington, wyoming...getting ready to make the big turn east and start crossing nebraska. been doing really well, think i might take today off as my body has started to refuse food. literally.
this morning, 25 miles to torrington...95 degrees already at 9:30 AM. i am heading to the holiday inn, a pool and rest. my stomach needs to calm down. considering doing more jack and giving up on the supplements. if i eat another peanut butter and goo sandwich i will puke on the spot.

looking behind...

looking ahead...

"hiyo, howz it rollin?"

mileage has gone like this:

95 miles to gore pass

70 miles then to walden (rained out and hung out with some motorcyclists heading up to sturgis..involved some jack daniels and such)

this is just north of the colorado state line in wyoming...a cyclists favorite signage, signalling a long down hill, 5 miles to be exact. i am out of the rockies and unto the plains.
95 miles to the laramie mts and camping alone in the middle of bumfuck wyoming...scared shitless, oh no wait, that was the diarahee (sp) setting in...lightning and no water.

last rays of the day on laramie mts. no one told me the laramie mts. would have so much climbing/sand/rock involved.

bike surfing in the morning light/sand.

realized the scale of the landscape is that of clouds and trains and tractors and fences. morning descending outside of laramie.


RAILS and BALES learning about scale of living.

103 miles to hawks springs steakhouse, more sturgis people, lots of conversation with the locals something about the recent fair and a guys pig...go figure. limited self to 1 jack daniels and some bud light. slept out behind the back of the motorcycle bar. feeling great, flying like the wind.

just rolling on

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Tepi said...

awwwwwwwwww....poor bear!

i thought white bears only hung out north of Canada....