Thursday, July 3, 2008


sometimes the energy goes into paint and other times it spits out as architecture/drawing/designing. this is a little sleeping addition i have been working on as of late. some sketches leading up to the computer drawings, will add some model shots in the next few days. the sketches are not dated, but i do believe they are chronological in regards to my process. thought it would be interesting, so often now with the use of the computer we lose are thought process as we save the remnants of our journey to the final structure....end up repeating ourselves sometimes because we forget that we already visited a certain scheme or such. this is one of those projects that remind you of why you went through architecture school.

these drawings have my notes on them, talking to myself while drawing...a lucid state of recording thoughts that drift through my head. responsive to the radio or books that i am reading and words just popping playing in the background and some verse catching in my head...these are the words that end up on the paper. very much like the paintings i do, switching back and forth from a visual vocabulary and the verbal language. words/marks/letters/numbers self-organizing moments.

and then the computerization occurs...building it in model giving it life by adding another dimension.

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