Monday, July 28, 2008

book clubbing

so, i have always wanted to write a book. this is the cover to my first draft...sketches and pieces of my day. what to trash and what to save, constant decisions we make in our lifes, every moment every second as we inhale and exhale RESPIRATING physically and emotionally consuming and liberation our emotional ties with existence. bodies unconsciously exchanging with surrounding bodies of energy. releasing engaging love/life/tension/peace. compressing the space between us, squeezing moments into hardened crystal memories to put in our pockets and carry with us so that we may loose them in the laundry or toss them into future bodies of water. breathing.

RESPIRATION The oxidative process occurring within living cells by which the chemical energy of organic molecules is released in a series of metabolic steps involving the consumption of oxygen and the liberation of carbon dioxide and water.

ASPIRATION Aspiration (phonetics), the release of a strong burst of air after some obstruents

Arabic: يَتَنَفَّس
Chinese (Simplified): 呼吸
Chinese (Traditional): 呼吸
Czech: dýchat
Danish: ånde
Dutch: ademhalen
Estonian: hingama
Finnish: hengittää
French: respirer
German: atmen
Greek: αναπνέω
Hungarian: lélegzik
Icelandic: anda
Indonesian: bernapas
Italian: respirare
Japanese: 呼吸する
Korean: 숨쉬다, 호흡하다
Latvian: elpot
Lithuanian: kvėpuoti
Norwegian: puste, ånde
Polish: oddychać
Portuguese (Brazil): respirar
Portuguese (Portugal): respirar
Romanian: a respira
Russian: дышать
Slovak: dýchať
Slovenian: dihati
Spanish: respirar
Swedish: andas
Turkish: soluk alıp vermek

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